Gender pay gap at LED Enterprises

As part of group reporting, LED Enterprises Ltd trading as Ocean publishes an annual pay gap report.  

This is the report for the snapshot date of 6th April 2017.


The gender pay gap analysis demonstrates the differences in the average hourly rate between men and women in a workplace. This is not the same as inequality of pay where it is unlawful to pay men and women who carry out the same job or a job of similar work and value a different rate because they are male or female.   LED Enterprises has a clear policy of paying employees equally for the same or equivalent work regardless of gender and is confident that the gender pay gap identified does not stem from paying women and men differently for the same work.  

The workforce comprises of full time, part time, casual and variable hours staff based at its leisure venue Ocean in Exmouth, and fluctuates in size during the year with the tourist season and school holidays.  No bonus pay is reported for 2017 and all figures reported have been calculated using the standard methodologies quoted by HMRC.

As an organisation LED Enterprises will be using the data from this report to examine patterns of recruitment, roles and employment conditions that are resulting in the gaps and to address any issues that are identified.


  • Mean gender pay gap for LED is -6.9%
  • Median gender pay gap for LED is -2.3%
  • Proportions by quartile pay band
  Male Female
Lower quartile 75% 25%
Lower middle quartile 50% 50%
Upper middle quartile 55% 45%
Upper quartile 45% 55%

The findings demonstrate that on average women earn more as an hourly rate than male colleagues.

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