MAD bowling GAMES in exmouth!


Did you know we bring you more than just traditional games of bowling - have you checked out our Mad Games?  It's a whole new way to bowl, plus you get 2 Mad Games for the price of 1 traditional bowling game!

Mad Games are shorter, simpler to score, easy to understand fast-paced games designed to entertain anyone and everyone - young or old - competitive or just for fun!  

Choose from one of the following for themed games to take your bowling to a whole new level!


Bowling Hood

Enter the archery competition, shoot your arrows, score a bull's eye and become the hero of the kingdom!  

The skill level can be selected for each bowler before starting the game to make this a real level playing field!



Battle of the Lanes

Destroy the castle of the opposing player and you win!

Play lane versus lane or team versus team on a single lane.  The number of pins knocked down determines the stones thrown and the amount of damage done to your opponents.  

The skill level can be selected for each bowler before starting the game - the better the bowler the harder they have to try to do some damage!


Monster Factory

Build a crazy monster with your best shots! 

Your monster takes shape with each ball you throw.  All players build their own unique monster one frame at a time and you can even take a print out of them home!


Character Factory

Create your own character on the lanes as you bowl!  With each frame you get a new crazy feature for your character - when you're done just pop to the desk to pick up a print out of your character to take home with you!


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1100 until 2200
1100 until 2200
1100 until 2200
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0900 until 2300
0900 until 2200
Customer review

Took some visiting friends down for a game of ten-pin bowling.  Great venue, lanes were well spaced and light and the staff were helpful.  Had a few drinks in the bar afterwards whilst the kids played in the SEGA area - good way to spend time together.


Visited Ocean in July for my birthday for a few frames of Bowling, Excellent facilities and many arcade games for the kids. Decided to eat here after seeing some of the food being bought out. Didn’t disappoint, had 2 pizzas 🍕 which were beautifully cooked and enjoyed by everyone. Would recommend going here on a visit to Exmouth, bowling 🎳 is good value for money and food is excellent. Great views whilst having lunch. Also have a kids soft play area above.

Birthday Bowling and dining

We went bowling at Ocean Bowling which is joined to this restaurant. Great menu and children’s menu. We had a seafood sharing platter and it was sooooo nice.

Happy customer