All time

Position Name Score
#2 NESTOR 214


#4 EGOR 205
#5 JAMES 197
#6 DAN RIDER 196
#8 ALAN 193
#10 IAN 188


Position Name Score
#3 CALLIE 144


#6 KESIA 141
#7 FYNNLEY 139
#8 GABBY 137
#9 AMY 136
#10 TOBY 132


How much does bowling cost?


  • 1 game: £8.50 in house, £8.25 online
  • 2 games: £14.20 in house, £13.95 online
  • 3 games: £18.95 in house & online
  • Kids (15 and under)
  • 1 game: £7.50 in house, £7.25 online
  • 2 games: £12.20 in house, £11.95 online
  • 3 games: £15.95 in house & online

Concessions (over 65s, disabled & carers, students)

  • 1 game: £6 in house & online
  • 2 games: £10 in house & online
  • 3 games: £13 in house & online


Looking for a deal? We have a range of special offers on our special offers page

Do I have to book?

No, you’re more than welcome to walk-in at your convenience. However we do recommend booking as walk-ins are subject to availability only.

Do I have to wear bowling shoes?

Yes, we change all shoes. We have every size from kids size 6 to adult size 14, so anyone can be a supermodel! Here’s why:

Safety, bowling alleys have specially treated surfaces that can be slippery due to the oil applied on the lane approach. Regular shoes can stick to the floor and cause trips or falls, bowling shoes have smooth soles that allow for the slight sliding needed to bowl comfortably.

Lane preservation, the soles of your shoes can carry dirt, and particularly on Exmouth sea-front, sand. Over time, this damages the polished wood and, has in past worked it’s way into our bowling machinery.

Performance, The design of the shoes allow you to make the precise movements necessary in tournament level bowling, to deliver the ball smoothly and with control.

Does it cost to hire bowling shoes?.

The shoe hire cost is included in the price of your game.

Do I have to wear socks?

Yes, please make sure you bring a pair along with you. If you don’t have socks with you, we sell them for £1.60, just ask at the bowling reception during your visit.

Your bowling balls look different?

Our bowling balls are double thumbed, fitting even more hands, this means every size and weight is already right there on your lane. So you’ll never have to hunt for a ball that fits comfortably again.

Are your lanes string pin?

String pinsetters are becoming common place as a new technology, we use professional grade free fall pinsetters. These machines give you a more authentic bowling experience and ensure precise pin placement every time, providing tournament-level bowling experience.

Can I bring my dogs?

Unfortunately, for their safety and comfort, your four-legged-friend can not accompany you inside the bowling lanes. They are welcome to stay in our ground floor restaurant, The Engine Room.

Is the alley wheelchair/pram accessibile?

Ocean Bowl is fully accessible via wheelchair/pram, we have ball ramps specially designed for wheelchair use and have disabled & baby changing toilet facilities.

I have a discount card, can I use it?

LED Members get 20% off, when you book online, choose “LED Members” bowling (underneath “Game Bowling”) You will have to provide a valid LED membership card on arrival.

Blue light cardholders get 10% off, when you book online, choose “Front Line” bowling (underneath “Game Bowling”) A blue light card must be shown on arrival.

Student? Students are now covered under our concession rate. Just select the “concession” game when booking. Each student will need to show a valid uni ID or NUS card on arrival

Please be aware: If a valid discount card is not shown on arrival, you will have to pay the difference.

Don’t have a discount card? Check out our special offers

Bowling opening times
Monday 10am - last session 9pm

Tuesday 10am - last session 9pm

Wednesday 10am - last session 9pm

Thursday 10am - last session 9pm

Friday 10am - last session 9pm

Saturday 10am - last session 9pm

Sunday 10am - last session 9pm
Arcade opening times
Monday 10am - 9pm

Tuesday 10am - 9pm

Wednesday 10am - 9pm

Thursday 10am - 9pm

Friday 10am - 9pm

Saturday 10am - 9pm

Sunday 10am - 9pm
Soft play opening times
Monday 9am - 6pm

Tuesday 9am - 6pm

Wednesday 9am - 6pm

Thursday 9am - 6pm

Friday 9am - 6pm

Saturday 9am - 6:30pm

Sunday 9am - 5:30pm
Complex opening times
Monday 9am - 10pm

Tuesday 9am - 10pm

Wednesday 9am - 10pm

Thursday 9am - 10pm

Friday 9am - 10pm

Saturday 9am - 10pm

Sunday 9am - 10pm
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